Mystery Society

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Spidey vs Dr. Octopus

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Star Wars – Fallen: Dark Leia

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Star Wars – Fallen: Dark Leia

On her way to becoming a strong Jedi Master,

Leia finally confronted her nemesis, the rebel enemy, Vader.

She over powered him, lightsaber up to his neck.

She was ready to end it all…..

But she couldn’t do it.

Vader knew it.

And so the path was made, an unstoppable force was created

as Vader and Leia set out to rule the galaxy!


The Battle

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The War had begun.

Herbivores had long lived side by side with the Vegetarian humans.

As the attacks on their land grew more frequent,

the great plan had to be made. Go into the nest.

The belly of the beast. Where the Carnivores dominated.

The enemy had to be stopped, once and for all.


Rael – December 2014

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Nap time.


St. George and the Dragon

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Some people read the story of St. George and the Dragon

thinking it existed in a time long lost. Little did they all know,

they were reading a story of the future in a galaxy far far away.. .


Happy Halloween 2014

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Joker & Quinn Vs Batman

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Rael (June)

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My Brother Adam

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My Brother Adam – A Journey with Schizophrenia

is a book a illustrated for author(s) Linda & Nneka Onyilofor.

Available @